Whispers Through Time Book Cover

When the only man Sierra Masters has ever loved drops back into her life with a proposition that could radically change her future, she turns him down. But when she experiences a series of dreams more vivid than any she's ever experienced before, she decides to take a risk in order to uncover the truth.

Hunter Davenport realizes the evidence he's shared with Sierra could indeed destroy her—but it could free her as well. The decision is yanked from her hands when, to her shock, she discovers she's somehow acquired the ability to step through invisible, historical portals on sacred Lakota land in the Badlands of South Dakota directly into another place and time.

As current reality intertwines with history, Sierra is led not only into the distant bloody past of a courageous people, but through the terror and injustice suffered by recent generations of her own relations. Yet by remaining firmly committed to her journey, Sierra discovers a culture rich in tradition that belongs as much to her as the one she was raised in—as well as important life lessons about love, friendship, and the importance of family.

And because Hunter never leaves her side as she walks this difficult path, Sierra realizes she should never have allowed the pain of their past to alter the fresh promise of their future.

But is it too late now? Can they go back in time?