Please...Call me Ronni!

Rosetta Hoessli Author with Sierra

My friends call me 'Ronni,' so I hope you'll consider me a friend and call me that as well. (And, by the way, you pronounce my last name 'Hesley'. The 'O' is silent. I'm Norwegian and my husband is Swiss-German, so there you have it.)

I'm a military brat and I've lived all over the world, but I've been a resident of San Antonio, Texas since 1963. My husband, Kevin, and I have been married for a very long time, have one beautiful daughter, two terrific grandkids, and two much-loved furbabies.

My dad was a military historian, intelligence analyst, and photographer for the Air Force, so I came by my love of reading, researching, and writing quite naturally. I've written and edited many articles since I first began freelancing in 1985. Among other projects, I was senior writer and managing editor for three regional publications, co-authored a book with socialite Jeanette Jaffe-Longoria (80+ years young!) entitled Aphrodite and Me: Discovering Romance and Sensuality at Any Age, and edited a hilarious book of true short stories written by Jeff Gager, a Florida Fish and Wildlife officer, entitled Working on the Wild Side.

Writing and collaboration is my life's blood, to be honest.

But now I've finally stepped into the rather solitary world of fiction and it's so much fun! My first novel is entitled Whispers Through Time, published by The Wild Rose Press and released on August 16, 2021. Whispers Through Time is the first book in a series by the same name about Sierra Masters, a young woman who finds herself in many different historical situations when she discovers she possesses an unusual gift passed down through the women in a Native American family line she never knew she had.

I hope you'll check in often as I want this website to be interesting, informative, interactive, and - most importantly - fun!