A Couple of My Favorite Projects...

Aphrodite and Me Book Cover
Aphrodite and Me
Discovering Sensuality and Romance at Any Age
By Jeanette Jaffe-Longoria, as told to Rosetta D. Hoessli

Inspired by the free spirit and mystery of the exquisite Aphrodite, as well as by the passion of many great women before her, Jeanette Jaffe-Longoria has produced this tribute to beauty, romance, and self-fulfillment - for women of any age.

*Ms. Longoria is still rocking along, well into her 80s. She was an inspiration to work with!

Wild Side Book Cover
Working On The Wild Side
Humorous True Stories and Arrests From a Florida Game Warden
By Officer Jeff Gager
Edited (and compiled) by Rosetta D. Hoessli

With nearly 25 years of service as a Florida Marine Patrol Officer/Fish and Wildlife Officer/Game Warden, Officer Gager has seen it all. From the woods to the waterways, Officer Gager has written true stories about everything from the unbelievable to the hilarious.

*I don't think I've ever spent so much time laughing as I did while I compiled and edited this terrific little book of on-the-job stories!