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  • Rosetta Diane Hoessli

An Ode to Love

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

My husband, Kevin, and I were married in 1974 - seven years after we met in high school. As you might remember, the 70's were a pretty wild decade. The Sex, Drugs, and Rock'n'Roll crowd were still doing their thing, violent student demonstrations continued even though the Viet Nam War was finally winding down, women were still burning their bras, and the idea of committing to one person for life seemed pretty obsolete. Kevin's own dad went around his house muttering on the day of our marriage, "I give it five years...I give it five years..."

Had our beautiful baby girl not arrived when she did, my father-in-law might have been right. Kevin and I were crazy as hoot owls back in those days, but our daughter's arrival slammed the brakes on our behavior like nothing else could have. Like most new parents, we were forced to grow up - fast.

That's not to say it was easy. Kevin was a genius mechanic; I couldn't change a lightbulb. I loved to read and write; he looked at the pictures in Playboy. I had one of the most severe cases of wanderlust known to man; Kevin had only left Texas once in his entire life. In other words, we had absolutely nothing in common.

But we had chemistry, commitment, and constancy in our marriage. He was in my corner and I was in his. Our daughter was a Daddy's Girl, but I encouraged that because I understood the importance of her having a strong male role model in her life. When we lost a child early in pregnancy, our grief brought us together and we grew stronger. When a particularly horrendous traumatic experience rocked our family, we faced it head-on and completely readjusted our priorities.

Now, forty-seven years and two grandchildren later, instead of wondering how we're ever going to make it, we're praying that God continue to bless our family - and give us another forty-seven years! Over those years we've learned we had more in common than we ever dreamed of when we started out - because we built it ourselves. We love to plot my books together. We love to travel the southwest in an RV. We love to fish at night and play on our boat during the day. We watch old westerns together, enjoy our dogs, plan our trips, and visit our family.

Now we're an old married couple, and the love I feel for this man is indescribable. I base my hero-characters on him, and try to build my love stories around what I know to be true because of his love for me. The life we've created together has been more blessed than either of us ever dreamed possible.

And I couldn't be more grateful.

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