With the novel WHISPERS THROUGH TIME, Rosetta Hoessli has woven an amazing tapestry of characters, history, scenery, and emotion. It was an absolute pleasure to read, and her use of history, both historical and familial, kept me turning the pages. The research into the tragic history of the massacre at Wounded Knee, the American Indian Movement and the wholesale theft of sacred historical objects, though obviously in-depth, was well balanced throughout, building the story up, pushing the flow and setting the mood without being overpowering.


The author did a wonderful job of bringing attention to the tragic history of Native Americans and their current-day plight without beating the reader over the head with it. It fosters an empathy and a desire to know more without detracting from the flow of the story. The main characters, author Sierra Masters and investigative journalist Hunter Davenport, set the stage quickly for the romance portion of the novel, but their romantic struggles are a tool that Hoessli uses to begin peeling back the layers of the primary plot line, the secrets and tragedies of Sierra’s own past - one she knows nothing about.


The secondary characters were some of my favorites, particularly as we began to learn more about them and their actions in the 1970s, including Sierra’s own parents. One character in particular, though we do not meet her until the end of the novel, won my heart. Grandma Madonna was a colorful and eccentric addition to this motley cast that will stay with me long after I put this book back on the shelf.


Readers who pick up this novel will likely come for the romance and the setting, but they will quickly find themselves immersed in the tragic history and the beautiful spirituality of the Lakota, as well as becoming wholly invested in the characters, both past and present.

Reviewed by Miranda Nading, Author - Three-time Reader's Favorite Award Winner (Caliban, Eldorado Gold)



I read WHISPERS THROUGH TIME. Then, when I got to the end, I read it again. Rosetta Hoessli is a masterful storyteller, seamlessly weaving the events of the past into the present. From the perfect revelation of history to the soul-searching, thought-provoking events of the here and now, WHISPERS THROUGH TIME carries the reader into an arena of a love rekindled and a fierce, proud heritage acknowledged. 


With strong and well-defined characters, this story reveals a remarkable understanding of not only the facts of a chronicled occurrence but the passion and emotion that swirled in its midst. And then, as you draw a breath in sympathy for the peoples of the past, Ms. Hoessli drops you into the moment where a beautiful love story unfolds revealing understanding, an acceptance of a special gift, and memories too amazing to forget.


WHISPERS THROUGH TIME is a fantastic read!

Reviewed by Mitzi Kelly, Author (The Silver Sleuths series, Hammer, Nails, and Happily Ever After?)



I’m full-blood Mescalero Apache, and I remember the turmoil on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, the plight of the Lakota, and the Occupation of Wounded Knee 1973 very well. The author of WHISPERS THROUGH TIME, Rosetta Diane Hoessli, though not Native American herself, brings her characters – both Indian and non-Indian - to life with such authenticity and passion that I felt I knew them all. The story she tells is unique and spellbinding. I highly recommend WHISPERS THROUGH TIME to everyone.

Reviewed by Paul Castillo, Jr. (“Crow”)



This story has an engaging plot! Modern Day meets Native American History with a touch of enduring romance rekindled! It's a mixture of nostalgia, fear, longing, adversity and promise.

Reviewed by Cindy Cooley Brockway, Creative Journaling Coach and Entrepreneur


Not my usual genre but am hooked! The more I read the more impressed I was and the more enthralled with the story. The writing is superb. The descriptions are breathtaking and the background information (historical) is exciting and yet, heartbreaking.

This is a love story that’s different from anything I’ve read before. This book is enchanting. I’ve fallen in love with the characters, the history, the whole book. Terrific job - awesome job…congratulations! Can’t wait for the sequel.

Reviewed by Mary Bordner, Avaricious Reader in La Vernia, Texas   



Picking up this book rendered me totally worthless for hours because I could not put it down.

First of all, the subject matter (indigenous American history) is close to my heart. The imagery, starting with Big Bend, Bandera, and on to South Dakota is like looking at vivid photos. You use words like paint on canvas.

You hook the reader from the start and don’t let go.

I also appreciated the Afterward and intend to pursue the recommended sources.

Thank you for pouring your heart and soul out and sharing it in this wonderful novel! I can’t wait for your next book.

Reviewed by an Amazon customer