Buffalo in Storm Painting

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Painting by Nancy Glazier

My Personal Collection

                           From WHISPERS THROUGH TIME...

The sky had darkened during their visit to the old cemetery, and Sierra glanced over at Hunter curiously.


“What time is it?”


"Nearly six.”

“It looks a lot later than that. How far are we from Nathan’s house?”

“Just a few miles.”

She leaned her head against the window and closed her eyes. Even though the potholes in the road all but jarred her teeth loose, she needed to rest.

One enormous raindrop splattered against the windshield; thunder rumbled in the distance. She caught her breath, and her eyes popped open. Purple and pea green thunderheads churned across the sky.

His voice was soothing. “Don’t worry. We’ll head for Nathan’s house and get there before the storm hits. Buckle up.”

Lightning shot straight down to the earth; explosive claps of thunder reverberated like an orchestrated percussion concert. She stifled a shriek. She’d never been afraid of thunderstorms before—in fact, she’d always enjoyed them—but now, now she was frightened to her core.

He frowned as he pulled onto the road, but he said nothing. Even though she knew what he was thinking, she had no answers. Back in the days when they couldn’t bear to be apart, they’d taken long, leisurely walks in the rain and made love on a fake fur bedspread when the downpours grew too violent to enjoy outside. The ferocity of the storms had fueled their passion.

She had to stop remembering. It wasn’t safe.

He leaned his elbows against the steering wheel and peered at the road in front of them. Sheets of rain made visibility almost impossible, but he didn’t seem bothered at all. He seemed to be enjoying the potential dangers inherent in such a fierce storm.


"We’re almost there.” He pointed straight ahead. “It’s that little place at the bottom of the hill.”

She nodded, but she couldn’t see a house or a hill. What she saw was a white buffalo calf standing in the middle of the road. “Watch out!”

And then it was gone.